Why should you choose OC Media Design for your next Website Design project?

Professional Website Design

OCMD takes the time to properly analyze your website design needs. We research your competition and try to get a good feel for your industry before even beginning your project. We take careful planning to lay out and add color, graphics, links and other aesthetic features of your site. What your customer views is almost as important as how many see it.

Solid Construction

By using some of the most popular CMS, Blog and Software solutions for website design we increase the durability of your website. We keep an eye on updates and can formulate a package that will keep your site running for as long as it is online.

Search Engine Benefits

This is perhaps the most key ingredient to having a successful website.

  1. In-Site Tools – Depending on which platform we use there are many “plugins” we can add to your site to enhance your seach engine results. We utilize some of the best tools to get you listed on the search engine and to give you the freedom to adjust those listings.
  2. Listing Packages – We can tailor a listing package that will help get your business properly recognized in listing type sites such as Yelp, Merchant Circle, Yellow Pages and many more. We work these on an hourly reservation package and use every tool possible to benefit your listings.
  3. Social Media – The new wave of marketing. We design custom pages, enhance listings and can write content to fill your Social Media sources such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Merchant Circle and other popular web platforms. We can even link your site to these media outlets that will allow you to update multiple resources from simple updates on your site!

Years of Experience

With over 10 years and hundreds of clients, OCMD has been providing business marketing and website design services to help small businesses (and even a couple larger ones) both locally and overseas. We take pride in our designs and are not satisfied with half done jobs. We have worked with most industries giving us an edge when it comes to design, content writing and customer targeting. Every detail is accounted for.

Give us a call at (714) 656-2162 or request a quote and we will be more than happy to discuss these services more in depth with you.