Business Cards

Business cards today serve as more than just basic contact information. The business card of today provides extras like websites, marketing slogans, discount, appointment times and more.

The images and branding of your business card can leave an impression in your customers heads and help them associate their needs with your services.

MS Graphic Design provides several different types of business cards:

Full Color Business Cards

Full Color business card printing is quickly becoming the norm in business.

Large quantity runs of business cards at low prices opens the opportunity to expand your image and information to both sides of your card. Different paper styles (14pt/16pt, 100 lb. Gloss, Linen)  and finish options (UV coating, Acqueous coating, Spot UV, Metallics) can further enhance the final product.

Full color business cards also give you the flexibility of adding photos, gradients and multi colored images without expensive setup costs.

Plate Printed Business Cards

Plate printing includes the use of a a “plate” which is used to carry an image to be reproduced using a printing press.

Typically plate printed business cards have a “raised” or embossed feel to them and can be printed on many different types and weights of paper stock. This printing process utilizes solid color printing (most often with PMS colors).

Each color plate incurs a setup fee and the plate process usally will have a wash-out fee to clear the inks. These cards will generally cost more per card but have their own personality.

MS Graphic Design can design and produce both types of business cards but the majority of our clients prefer the Full Color printing regardless of the design. The cost savings and flexibility of design makes the first a more desirable option.

Here are some samples of business cards that we have produced: