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Surfline article honors 2 of our customers!

Congrats to the Riches!

Well… Rich Landerer (Rickland Surfboards) and Rich Wisz (Wisz Surfboards) for their recognition in the Surfline tribute to Shaper’s Alley in Costa Mesa-Newport Beach.

Check out the article ( ) where both are wearing t-shirts that we were responsible for printing! Rickland is featured on Slide/Page 12 and Wisz is featured on Slide/Page 20.

We were also responsible for both of their current websites, links above, and continue to work with both of these great surfboard shapers!

Special thanks to Pureglass for introducing us to these great shapers.

Pipeline Surfer Kaikea!

Kaikea Elias - Pipeline SurferRecently we finished a project for young up and coming Pipeline surfer Kaikea Elias.

Kaikea needed a blog to share his life and skills with Sponsors, Family, Friends and the public.

Check it out at and give him some support! for Sale! is a website we built to sell automotive parts and accessories, specifically for the 2010 Camaro and the Hummer line of vehicles.

The site includes a full e-commerce site, with some products already included, a full blog, twitter account and many other great features, not to mention it already reaches the search engines.

If you are interested in the purchase I am entertaining offers for the next week or so and will consider any reasonable offer. The site is worth its weight in gold, but as I do not have time to upkeep the site I figure I will pass it on to someone who can.

This is a great opportunity for a web startup or to enhance a local retail store.

Call 714.656.2162 for details or send me an email.

Benefit of Our Websites

Frequently I get asked “What is the benfit of having you do our website?”

I have added a new page with some facts about our sites, what we bring to the table and why you should choose us for your project.

Click here to read about the benefit of hiring MSGD for your website project.

Car Donation for Veterans Site

Vetmade Industries is a great organization dedicated to helping Veterans get back into the workforce.

We designed the new website for their vehicle donation program. You should check it out and if you have an old vehicle you should consider donating it to these guys!

Car Donation for Veterans in California

Boys & Girls Club Update

Old software can really be an eye opener!

The Boys and Girls Club of the Harbor Area was due for an upgrade and today it was completed!

Boys & Girls Club of the Harbor Area Website

Accounting Website – TAX TIME!

After several years it was time to revamp the site for our very good friends and tax group at Barnett-Turner & Associates.

BTA Tax is a fantastic group of people who really care about their customers. If you are not happy with your tax accountant you should give them a call. They are VERY frienldy but also very professional. They have handled my taxes for years and I would highly recommend Sioux, CJ and everyone over there.

That said, here ia a link to the new site:

Barnett-Turner & Associates Tax and Accounting

CMNH Lions Website Update

The Lions Club is a wonderful organization that helps millions of people worldwide through humanitarian efforts.

As a current member of the Costa Mesa – Newport Harbor Lions Club it is my job to update the website.

We have just completed the 2010 website for the club: